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Pink discharge tired cramps moody pregnant?

So my piriod was last January and I had gotten the depo shot in last November and as it ended I got my piriod back almost immediately and my second shot was in march and my piriod was due in july. Haven t had it but recently I got some pink discharge on the 12 the through 13th of this month of September. It was extremely light and was badly noticeable. Me and my boyfriend have had unprotected sex since may. I took a pregnancy test in August and it was negative but now I m wondering if I need to take another one. I ve been moody crampy sometimes emotional like kinda depressed. Cry easy sometimes. I ve had minor nausea. And I m super tired and out of breath. When I lay in bed I don t get Alot of cramps or symptoms. Still haven t had my piriod yet am I pregnant?


Not badly noticeable I meant barely

Update 2:

Lots of auto corrects sorry

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    I sure as hell hope not.

    You can't even spell


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