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Why is GARS (Government Administrative Rate Supplement) not located on my AVIS rental car agreement? Even though I booked through DTS?

I am on tdy orders in Italy and have booked a rental car through DTS. According to my admin, there is suppose to be a GARS insurance for $5 per day on the contract which would be our insurance. I’ve contacted AVIS and they are saying GARS is only available for rentals in the US. Having said this, my admin is telling me that the insurance that is currently on my rental agreement is not reimbursable even though there is no GARS on the rental agreement. Is this true? Very confused here. Because if I take off the current insurance that is on there now and I get in an accident, won’t that be coming out of my pocket? Since there’s no GARS on my contract. Very confused as to whether or not I’m suppose to be keeping the current insurance on my rental car. Don’t want to be paying out of pocket for tdy travel

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    5 months ago

    Post in the correct category and you may get an answer.....UK travel is nothing to do with what you are asking

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    What has this got to do with UK travel.

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