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Which of these guys are better in-ring wrestlers?

Sho or Yoh

Kofi Kingston or Seth Rollins

Kushida or Sho

Johnny Gargano or Will Ospreay

El Phantasmo or Finn Balor

John Hennigan or CM Punk

Owen Hart or Dean Malenko

Hiroshi Tanahashi or Jushin Liger

Randy Savage or Ricky Steamboat

Tomohiro Ishii or Evil

Bret Hart or Ric Flair

KENTA or Katsuyori Shibata

AJ Styles or Shawn Michaels

Kazuchika Okada or Kenny Omega

William Regal or Mitsuharu Misawa

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    If I had to pick one, probably be Sho. I'm a massive Yoh defender, but Sho's game as of now is more complete. Yoh does have a more compelling style but it's rough around the edges.

    Seth Rollins. I prefer Kofi as a talent, but Seth's in-ring game is a bit more crisp and textbook in it's delivery.

    Johnny Gargano, but it's close for me at this point. I'm still not the hugest Ospreay supporter, but he's molding himself into a good main event talent that doesn't take as many unnecessary risks and tells a better story in the ring. Gargano's a straight up storyteller who knows when to add flash and not kill himself trying to get over with simply moves.

    Kushida. To go back to the original Sho/Yoh question, Kushida's what Yoh could be someday. Yoh's not there yet, but Kushida's quite the well rounded 'rassler, complete with flashy moves and great joint manipulating submission work.

    Finn. Granted, I haven't seen enough of El P in singles action to make a full assessment. He's definitely flashier, but Finn's very crisp with his delivery of what he does and makes it feel believable.

    Punk. I debated on this one long and hard because Punk's style doesn't look as clean, and Hennigan's had quite a few great main event bouts under his belt at this point, but I don't think any have reached the legendary status of what Punk has accomplished in the ring everywhere he's landed. It might come down to steak over sizzle again, but Punk's the better wrestler of the two.

    Owen, and I base it solely on the fact that I've heard that Dean was very particular with how he wrestled a match. Owen had his flaws too. Sometimes he got a bit too light on his feet and overzealous in the ring, but it almost goes back to the point I made with Hennigan. I can name maybe one legendary Dean Malenko match, whereas Owen's had quite a few around the world.

    This one's tough for me...I'll say Liger. I feel like they wrestle very complimentary styles to one another, and I could definitely see the Liger influence in how Tanahashi moves in the ring. Both have carried on their careers long after many thought they'd be able to by adapting their styles. Tanahashi's had more high profile matches, but Liger's had more accolades and maybe as many legendary feuds and encounters. I think the topper for me is the fact that Liger can pop out some powerhouse stuff now and again, where as Tanahashi works like a junior heavyweight. There's nothing wrong with that, but if I were to give Liger the edge it would be because he's slightly more diverse.

    Steamboat. I've harped on how the guy would close shows in the Mid-South by calling 60+ minute matches on the fly during events that didn't even really matter in matches that no one will remember. Savage was way more meticulous, to the point that Steamboat said at the time that he didn't want to work with Savage ever again after their Wrestlemania 3 match. Steamboat also had better years ahead of him in-ring, whereas Randy hit the juice hard in the 90's and his in-ring game suffered for it.

    Oh God...Ishii. I love Evil and I think New Japan has plans for him, but Ishii could have a four star match with just about anyone, pour his heart into it, and more times than not, walk away on the losing end of things. I've seen Evil falter around veterans, whereas Ishii's drug numerous good bouts out of Taichi, which is like squeezing blood from a stone at times.

    Flair. Flair never phoned it in.

    Prime KENTA might be my answer. Current KENTA isn't lighting my world on fire though. It's close though, because he and Shibata are near mirror image as in-ring competitors.

    AJ Styles. If it weren't true I think Shawn would've gotten in the ring with him. I half joke when I say that. AJ's this generation's HBK in a lot of ways, minus the crummy attitude that ruins what could've been legendary encounters.

    It's hard to say. I feel like they've both suffered being absent from each other's careers. Omega might get the goat for me simply because he pulled a better match out of Jericho.

    I think Regal simply because of the longevity of his in-ring game. Misawa didn't age like a fine wine in the ring. He never got unbearable to watch from what I understand, but Regal doesn't seem like he ever lost a step.

    These were hard. You got two good answers out of them at least.

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      Again this was hard to choose best answer, but you get the edge again. Idc if Groove Thing thinks we are the same users, you earn every bit of the best answers you get.

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    Yoh - This is a very very close one but I think that Yoh is a tiny bit better than Sho. He did start watching wrestling since he was three and he is older than Sho. They are both a good tag team in NJPW

    Seth Rollins - Both of them are extremely talented in the ring but Rollins is better in many ways than Kingston. Rollins has had plenty of great singles match and he is great at carrying or working with lesser talented wrestlers. Kingston is a really good wrestler and some of his best matches has been in tag team matches with The New Day. His world championship reign has been great and he has done a lot to show that he is a strong champion.

    Kushida - Kushida is better than Sho. That match between Crews and Kushida was superb. Kushida has incorporated what he learned in MMA into wrestling and I think it has worked for him. Sho is good but Kushida is better.

    Johnny Gargano - While I would say that Ospreay is on a good level, Gargano is above his level. Gargano has had multiple five star matches and plenty of four star matches. The great thing about Gargano is that if he is in a match with a wrestler of high talent, he can work a five star match or a match that is four and a half star. Ospreay is very talented but if he truly wants to be among the best wrestlers globally then he has plenty of work to do. Gargano is in the top 3 best wrestlers in the whole of WWE.

    Finn Balor - Finn is one of the best guys in WWE. He has more experience in the ring. If he is used to his fullest in WWE, he has the potential to be the best in WWE. The other one is an indy wrestler but he still has great potential. If he lands in NXT then I think he'd do better there than where he is now.

    CM Punk - I think that Punk was the better wrestler than John Hennigan. He had a five star classic with Cena and he was very versatile in the ring. Hennigan is much better at high flying and more agile.

    Owen Hart - Malenko was alright however just not as talented as Bret Hart's brother. One of Hart's best matches was with his brother.

    Jushin Liger - Another close one but Liger. He invented some moves and is arguably the best high flyer in wrestling history. He was very good at his very best and I'm sure if he had a match with Mysterio both at their best then I think it would make that Okada vs Omega match that was rated above five stars look like a three star match.

    Randy Savage - Yet another close one but I'll just say Macho Man was better but only slightly better. These two worked a classic at Wrestlemania.

    Tomohiro Ishii - I don't think this is close though.

    Bret Hart - Hart's wrestling skills exceeds that of Ric Flair. He is one of the rare technical masters that are excellent wrestlers in WWE. Ric Flair is a great legend although.

    KENTA - I think Kenta was better when he wasn't in WWE. WWE didn't use him to his fullest. He should have went to WWE and got some gold.

    AJ Styles - Extremely close but I'll Styles based on the fact that he is more versatile and is the better high flyer. They are two of the best wrestlers that this company has ever had. They've had too many four star matches and some five star matches. They are excellent at carrying their opponents and they are great sellers.

    Kenny Omega - Omega and Okada are in the highest when it comes to wrestling. Okada wouldn't have had a insane match with Omega if it wasn't for Omega. Omega as well. Omega I'd say.

    William Regal - I'll say Regal for this.

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      I remember you giving me some of the best answers I ever had, and been one of the coolest users. It's been a minute, but I'm glad you are back, or at least for a little bit. I miss users like you, Candice Catnipp, Askin Vaar, and Bazz-B, and others that I cannot remember their usernames.

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    The skill is in the acting.

    Win/Loss is decided by the Writer, Producers , and from the front office.

    Losers will be the more popular, those that will bring a returning crowd

    If the wrestler who loses is not popular no one will be enticed to see a return match.

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      Don't you cringe when the actor (aka wrestler) just stands there waiting for the other guy to hit him.

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