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is it okay to wear a baggy hoodie? should i feel self conscious?

i'm a big guy, aged 41, 6ft 1 tall and i often like to wear baggy hoodies, preferably 'black' hoodies....and the unfortunate thing is i'm caught inbetween sizes, because a size large hoodie is too close fitting and tight to wear....but a size XL fits better but leaves a lot of bagginess and room in the stomach and chest areas of the hoodie? when i'm wearing it.

is this okay? my general appearance is i'm bald, caucasian and wear a moustache.

should i care that i wear baggy hoodies and not have any hoodies that fit better because i'm in between sizes?

i do like my hoodies but feel self conscious how i look in them because of the bagginess in the stomach and chest areas of the hoodies....i worry could i stand out or look stupid?

id appreciate your good assessment and advice, sensible answers please.

1 Answer

  • 9 months ago

    Get a tailor to size the hoodies better for you.

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