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i have started school again and at the beginning of the year you usually feel really organised and ready to start, however, this school year i have been very late with homework and just plain unorganised! it’s getting very overwhelming and i would be grateful for any tips x

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    Here are some thoughts -- see if any will help:

    1.Write down your assignments and due dates in a planner or your calendar. You need one place where you keep all of that information.  It can be your computer calendar or a paper planner but it has to be done for each and every class period -- no exceptions.

    2.  Get some aerobic exercise everyday.  Your brain need oxygen to function and you be more alert if you do.

    3. Don't waste time at school.  If you have a free period, use it to do homework.

    4.  Go see your teachers for help if you need it.  Don't wait until you're in a panic or already have a bad grade.  If you need help get it.

    5. Every day, look at your homework -- including longer term assignments -- and set aside a specific amount of time.  try to do the shorter, easier assignment first so they are done but don't ignore the other ones. Chip away at those bigger projects every day.

    6. Look into getting a peer tutor or another tutor.  Sometimes just having someone with your to keep you focused and on track a few days a week can help.

    7.  Turn OFF the phone and other distractions. 

    8.  Eat well and get plenty of sleep. Your body and brain need good fuel and rest in order to function.

    9. Set alerts on your computer calendar and or phone about assignments. Both in terms of doing them in time but also if you need to submit them either in class or via a website or whatever.

    Good luck.

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    You have to work hard in your life to get success.

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