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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferencePrimary & Secondary Education · 9 months ago

I transferred high-school’s my senior year and I want to go back to my old highschool, should I?

It’s been 4 weeks at my new highschool on my last year and it’s very depressing for me (I have no friends still) this but at the same time it’s my last year. Should I just suck it up or go back and graduate with my class💀

1 Answer

  • 9 months ago

    It depends on a couple of things:

    1.  WHY did you transfer in the first place?  If the reason was a good one and it hasn't changed, then returning to the school you left doesn't seem wise.

    2. Will the school you left take you back?  School districts and private schools have various policies, so you and your parents should find out if you are allowed to transfer back.

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