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Connor asked in HealthOther - Health · 8 months ago

Marijuana edible did long term damage?

So I rarely smoke weed and had never done an edible before. I went to my friends house about a month ago and had way too many servings of edible brownies (about 3 or 4 servings). I had a really bad trip. Like so bad that I was screaming and yelling and might have hurt myself or someone else without my buddy babysitting me. I felt like nothing was real and nothing mattered and that I was stuck in a time loop. Standard bad trip stuff from what I've heard.

But since then I've had very mild versions of that trip just surface out of nowhere where I question whats real and feel like i might freak out again, but of course I don't...yet at least. For example, my GF put on the old classic alice in wonderland from the 50's and the movie was really starting to freak me out so i went upstairs. I know it's probably impossible that the Marijuana is still in my system after a month, but maybe the trip was so bad it traumatized me?

If anyone has a helpful input, that would be much appreciated.

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