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How did the Triangle Trade impact cultural institutions and social interactions of Europeans and non-Europeans?

In 3-5 sentence. 


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    One of the influences related to the migration of people were cultural exchanges. For example, in the article "The Myth of Early Globalization: The Atlantic Economy, 1500–1800" Pieter Emmer makes the point that "from 1500 onward, a 'clash of cultures' had begun in the Atlantic". This clash of culture transferred European values to indigenous cultures. For example, the emergence of private property in regions where there were little to no rights to lands, the concepts of monogamy and the nuclear family, the role of women and children in the family system, and the "superiority of free labor". As the Europeans viewed fences as "hallmarks of civilization" they set about transforming "the land into something more suitable for themselves". In implementing their practices, the Europeans enslaved, murdered, and exploited indigenous populations.

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