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What are the important parts of soft skills training?

1 Answer

  • 9 months ago

    Skills are categorized into two types -

    Job related /technical skills (Also loosely referred to as hard skills) –such as how to operate a certain machine, how to write computer code and other technical competencies

    ·Soft skills – Important skills that are unquantifiable and intangible but characterize our interaction and relationships with people within and outside the workplace.

    Soft skills can include a broad spectrum of skills covering various aspects of self awareness and self management (Self Skills) and social awareness and social management (Social Skills)

    Hence, soft skills cover various topics that come under interpersonal interactions. such as communication, conflict management, problem solving, team work, Emotional Intelligence leadership skills and decision making skills etc.

    It also covers other self skills such as building confidence, Emotional Awareness, Time management, Goal Setting, Mindfulness, managing stress, work life balance and other other skills that help us understand our selves better in order to live more efficient and balanced lives.

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