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What is this tapping sound in my house?

I live in a single wide mobile home. It was raining off and on today. I was standing by my window, and heard a tapping sound in my wall about a door from the ceiling. It really sounded like water was dripping. It was rather loud. It would have to be dripping from a ways up to be that loud. The sound was only about 2 feet from the top of my roof, so you wouldnt think the drop would be able to gain enough speed to make such a loud tapping sound. I went outside in the general area were I heard the tapping noise. I could hear it outside as well, just as clearly. I would think if the dripping was happening i side than i wouldnt be able to hear it from outside. There is nothing above the house that the water could be dripping from. I was thinking maybe the material on the house was expending, and contracting? The weather was very humid, and it was going from old. And rainy to relatively warm, and sunny off and on. Maybe the change in temperature was causing it?

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  • bond
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    5 months ago

    Is it metal roof? Most likely expanding or contracting.

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  • Mitch
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    5 months ago

    It may be something with the ventilation system. Some mobile homes have a blend air system which ventilates the attic and pushes some fresh air to the furnace. If you have this there would be a small fan on the roof under a hood and a control box that operates it within the furnace.

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  • 5 months ago

    If you live in an older single wide wide with a membrane roof (rounded vs angular w/shingles) that you have a leak to be fixed with a gallon of roof coating from Home Depot.

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