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What happens if you try to cash a check that's already been cashed?

I had a check that was laying around and I forgot whether I cashed it or not yet. I took a picture of it and did a picture deposit with my phone of the check and it still says its pending. What could happen if I already cashed it? Could I get in trouble?

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    If the bank pays twice, they will demand you repay the overpayment. You will not be in trouble if you make the repayment promptly. If you don't repay it, you can claim bank error all you want, it is considered unjust enrichment and it is a prosecutable crime.

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    They may close your account over this, its borderline fraud.

    In general, I would suggest you endorse the checks when you will deposit them...then you don't have to worry about wondering whether you deposited or not.

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    If you tried this a second time, and the check had already cleared the first time, your bank will make you pay a penalty for trying to cash the same check.

    PS: Are you SO lazy that you can't physically deposit a check? These scanned checks are a pain.

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    The check WILL be denied by the bank it was drawn against. Your bank will probably charge a fee for a Returned Deposit Item.

    Unless you do the same multiple times, they will probably not bother to take further action.

    In theory, they could file a complaint for fraud, but they rarely bother if they think it was an legitimate mistake.

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  • Eva
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    Yes you could. The account the check was drawn on will be very angry. That's why you're supposed to check the box on the back when you do mobile deposit.

  • Judy
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    11 months ago

    You'd have to pay it back, and they might close your account.

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    The bank might catch the mistake and prevent it from being cashed a second time, or they won't catch it in time to prevent it. They will probably eventually realize that it was deposited twice when an accountant/bookkeeper/etc. is reconciling accounts. You won't get in trouble. They might contact you to try to collect the money back, or they might just write it off.

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