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My Japanese friend just gave birth to her newborn son and she and her husband just named him Inzector Hiden. No middle name. Her husband is a exterminator.


Inzector is their first child.

Update 2:

Her husband's name is Arnold.

Update 3:

They are both Japanese and they both can speak, read, and write Japanese.

Update 4:

She and her husband are Japanese.

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  • df
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    10 months ago
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    Thanks so so many great friends thanks again thanks so much have an amazing week and I’ll be happy for tomorrow night and I’ll give it to a guy tomorrow and I will be happy with my family day and kids and kids kids are kids kids and kids kids are kids kids

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  • John P
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    10 months ago

    The husband is an "exterminator"? Of insects and vermin? They may be able to read Japanese, but they clearly have not examined the general social scene if they intend to spend a lot of their lives in an English-speaking country! With a name like that the poor boy will get teased mercilessly at an English-speaking school.

    I cannot help feeling that the Best Answer is a troll.

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