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Of all atheists in the world, who is the top atheist? Who's the head-honcho of atheism?

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    Peter Singer

    "This leads him to ascribe greater moral value to healthy adult nonhuman mammals than to unborn, newborn, mentally defective, and comatose humans. Singer has written: “The notion that human life is sacred just because it is human life is medieval.” We believe his blend of philosophical sophistication, extremism, and high public profile makes him the most formidable living atheist in the world."

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    I do not recall any contest to ELECT anybody to the post.

    I mean, is one candidate going to say

    "I lack a belief in all Gods and Goddesses!", and then the NEXT candidate says "Oh, yeah? Well I lack even MORE of a belief in even MORE Gods and Goddesses!!" ???

    There are some atheists who are more eloquent about the problems caused by people who DO believe in Apollo, YHWH, Risen Jesus, Poseidon, Quetzlcoatl, Allah, Jehovah, Phuquioras, Wotan, Athena, Shiva, Krishna, Tonelil, Peenus Maximus, Zeus and so forth.... but they are not the LEADERS.

    We have no leaders.

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    There is no such person. Organizing atheists would be like herding cats. There is no dogmatic belief system enforced by some religious hierarchy. The only thing atheists have in common is a non-belief in gods - this is not really the basis for a cohesive community.

    Let me give you an analog to your question: "Who is the top non-believer in unicorns? Who's the head-honcho of not believing in unicorns?"

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      Almost everyone has a belief in morality. That doesn't mean they share the same morals beyond the obvious.

      Atheists have no positive belief in a god (a subtle difference from your claim) but I would hardly call that a "clear vision". See my point about unicorns.

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    Nobody, because atheists are usually responsible for their own opinions.

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  • Otto
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    2 months ago

    Fore same it is the god of this world -Satan the Devil. - 2 Corinthians 4:4.

    But even the Devil believe that God Jehovah exist.

    Source(s): Bible
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    Nope, we do not use such foolish unnecessary leaders as do Christians and other god believers. Your leaders knew you were ignorant that is why they lead you by your noses. Atheists can function each on his/her own, and we do that easily because we live within reality not superstition as in religion.

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    We don't have a Pope. It's like asking who the head honcho is for non Santa believers, there isn't one.

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    Because there is a minimum limit on words to an answer, ME, took a bit. I am the only atheist of me and no other. The nonsense of untied atheists seems to flummox (yeah that's a word) Christians.

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      Most atheists are untied, unless they are into that sort of thing.

  • Matt
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    There isnt one. There can be the most popular atheist, but there still isnt a heirarchy.

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    There is no "head honcho" of Atheism.

    There are popular and well known Atheists, sure... but none of them are the "head honcho" or "pope of Atheism", as it were.

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    Nobody, because atheism is not a religion.

    • Broton: So, If I united the Atheists into a formidable force to end poverty as the Christians have been unable to do, would that not make me the head honcho? I say it would.

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