My college roommate complains about my decorating skills?

My friend and I moved into a college dorm together. I don’t really have a theme. My colors don’t match the best and I didn’t put a lot of time into decorating my side. But my friend on the other hand went all out. She has lots of throw pillows and fluffy blankets etc. She bought a headboard and just tons of stuff. It looks like something straight off of Pinterest. This is all fine with me, but I am just not willing to spend the time or money that she does on my side. But the other day she said something like “why don’t you decorate your bed so it’s not boring.” “Your side is mixing up the theme.” I’ll admit that our sides look very different but I thought that was fine considering WE EACH GET OUR OWN SIDE.. I’m not asking her to look at my side. But I get what she is saying. She worked so hard to decorate her side and she feels like I should do the same. I got offended at first.. but am I in the wrong? Or is she just rude?

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  • Ann
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    11 months ago

    Usually roommates discuss together before the school year begins how their dorm room is to be decorated. They get similarly colored bedspreads and they try to coordinate a color scheme. The styles don't have to match, but are usually in harmony and not clashing. Obviously that didn't happen in your case. You wouldn't have to spend a great deal of money to have something that would halfway blend in, such as a throw or a couple of cushions.

  • 11 months ago

    Since she was your friend before moving in together, did you ever discuss how you would decorate the room? It would have been better on her part to get your input, before she bought her stuff, if she wanted the entire room to be cohesive. Unless your side is a disaster, she should just live with it. She has to learn she can’t control everything in the world. If your side really is hard to look at, maybe you should put a bit of effort into making it more aesthetically pleasing (within your budget) even if it’s not important to you. It helps keep the peace and it can be more of a reflection of who you are! Another simple solution is a curtain or room divider. Good luck! ☮️

  • 11 months ago

    I understand that she worked hard to create the space she wanted on her side and why she may be disappointed that your side is not coordinated and therefore the room's two halves are not cohesive.

    Sure, it is offensive to be told your side is boring, but I honestly do not think she tried to hurt your feelings but maybe she just wanted to motivate you to put in a little more effort.

    You need not copy cat what she has. But, there are ways to spruce up your side without spending a lot of money because it sounds like you just need some creativity.

    I say this just to keep the peace, as you are stuck with her for an entire school year.

    Step back and take an objective look at your side. Is there a way you can make it more tidy? Or perhaps pick a couple of colors and stick with that color pallet? Shopping at thrift stores can net you tons of great things at fabulous prices. And, remember, spray paint is your friend. There are so many spray paint varieties available today that you can transform anything with a can of spray paint.

    You need not spend a lot of money on bedding. maybe find a cheerful comforter, a bookcase or a night stand that has storage capabilities. I bought a hanging wicker-type plug in overhead lamp. It was ugly and stained, but it had a great shape, so I spray painted it and now it is a showpiece for $7.99, plus $3. for paint.

    At the same time, you must be yourself and not feel like you have to clone your side to match hers.

    But, making a little effort may be good for yourself because that is where you sleep and probably study, so it should be your happy place.

    Or, do nothing but keep your side tidy and clean if you are totally happy with it.

  • gerald
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    11 months ago

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  • drip
    Lv 7
    11 months ago

    She is being rude. There is no reason why roommates need to match up. You are not messing up any theme. There is no theme. This is a shared room and you can do whatever you want to on your side,

    Tell her My side is just the way I want it to be. I don’t want to match what you did,

    My daughter shared a dorm room for three years with three different room mates. The never had a theme or matched with decor, no did any of them care or impose their style.

  • 11 months ago

    She's rude. If she keeps on your case about it, suggest installing a curtain or divider so she really doesn't have to look at your side. She gets to choose the curtain fabric since she's the one who'll be looking at at. And the one who cares.

  • 11 months ago

    tell her to piss off and mind her own business

  • 11 months ago

    She's not rude and you're not wrong. You just have different styles.

  • Kelley
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    11 months ago

    Do not take everything seriously. Do what you want with your side. Just keep it clean. If your roommate begins to harass you as her to stop. If she continues make a report to your residence director.

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