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What do you think about the FTC telling YouTube family friendly channels can't have product placement because of children viewers?

Look at regular television, product placement is a regular occurrence and the FTC doesn't seem to care however YouTube has a family friendly channel marketing a product to which majority of children viewers would have no way of purchasing and the FTC goes all 'WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?'.

Personally I think its asinine, another way corporations limit how non-corporations make revenue. Doubt Celebrity shows on YouTube will be effected by this.

Additionally YouTube plans on disabling the comment sections, likes and community tab on all channels labeled Family Friendly.


For those who don't understand a channel labeled 'family friendly' let's playing a Nintendo game is considered 'product placement'.

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    10 months ago

    The FTC has pretty strict regulations as far as advertising and product placement in TV programs aimed at children. Youtube should be subject to the same regulations as other media companies.

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      They aren't though.

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