Small worm-like larva bit me? What is it? (North Carolina)?


doesn't seem to have an obvious stinger so more likely it was a bite. 6 legs at the front but not seeing any on the other ~70% of its body. Under certain lighting it can look Brown, Pinkish-Orange, or Dark Red. As you can see black sections towards the head, and upon closer inspection small little hairs (Phone camera isn't sharp enough.) as you can tell from the title I found it in North Carolina. Also his head is more round at the end then in the picture since the jar is slightly distorting it

Update 2:

So I was just lying back on my couch with my lower back exposed, I felt a sharp sting (Not super painful but hard to miss) I jumped up and found this small little thing crawling decently fast. I was worried he maybe was poisonous but its been an hour or two and nothing distinct where he bit so definitely nothing crazy. From my research it seems to be a Larva called a "Wireworm?" but most pictures I find show a more vibrant and distinct orange. (With black sections on the back, not the front)

Update 3:

(Update and Update 2 are in the reverse order so sorry. haven't used Yahoo Answers in a decade or so)

At this point I'm unconvinced it was anything more then a bite so not gonna worry too much (Check my back every so often) but I thought I'd post this since me and other people might be curious to know more and if there's anything worth mentioning. Like does it chew wires, Why one would end up in your House (Trailer for me,) etc.

Thanks for taking the time to read this

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  • 11 months ago
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    Sure looks like wireworm to me. Not dangerous, just seems a bite a bit odd being agricultural pests.

    Some can secrete like an acid that burns like a bite, or fine hairs or spines can be venomous, their defense against birds, just don't know much about them.

  • L.N.
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    11 months ago

    .It's a Wireworm, larval form of the Click beetles

  • JimZ
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    11 months ago
  • .
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    11 months ago

    A Centipede bite?

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