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Why do i have to buy WinX dvd ripper platinum again?

i never got any answers to this yesterday.

ive had this software on my windows 7 desktop pc for a year now, i bought it back then....its a great software as it rips dvds as files on your pc so you don't have to insert the dvd itself to watch the film.

but when i opened WinX dvd ripper months ago to use, it told me my license has expired and that i could only use its limited features and that i would need to re-purchase the software? buy another license?

why do i need to buy it again when i spent quite a lot on the software to begin with? i thought i had bought a software which lasted years?

1 Answer

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    9 months ago

    you should read your original contract. you know, the one everybody just hits Agree without reading?

    few softwares are free for life. even Windows is abandoned after about 5-10 years...

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