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Why is football more popular then hockey in the US?

NHL is just as aggressive as NFL

NHL requires you to play more games and win a series as oppose to being lucky at a big game.

Hockey is played in several countries around the world and you can win a medal for it at the Olympics.

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    Because Hockey wasn't popularized in the USA until Wayne Gretzky was dealt by the Edmonton Oilers to the Los Angeles Kings in the late 1980s, and thus Gretzky in L.A. inspired the NHL to be more USA-centric with expansion teams like the San Jose Sharks, Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, Tampa Bay Lightning, Nashville Predators, Atlanta Thrashers, Columbus Blue Jackets, Minnesota Wild and later the Vegas Golden Knights.

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    The U.S. has lots of choices for kids (via their parents) to play organized sports.  Canada's kids have hockey offered to them at an early age and I heard that some kids are put on skates before age 2.  Worldwide, soccer is many kids' first sport and it doesn't require much money to play.  From a cultural perspective, the U.S. and its entertainment media promote football very heavily, more than baseball.  In certain segments of U.S. society, basketball is the dominant sport, but usually only the tallest kids can play at the collegiate or professional level.     

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    Football is more ingrained in American culture and more familiar with boys and girls as they all attend high school and college games for example. There is even a homecoming football game as a big part of  yearly school tradition. I love hockey and appreciate it as being possibly the most difficult sport, requiring special talent.. Its also the most expensive sport so that fact limits the appeal and participation of many people. Hockey is a more world wide sport than football as you said, but football has the tradition, the med ia involvement and the ease of access to playing , to promote it in the USA

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    It's higher-scoring.

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    Because English football is the best sport in the world

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    football, basketball, soccer are way more popular throughout the whole world cause they only require a ball to play it yourself. hockey requires $500+ of equipment so anyone who doesnt have that kind of money to spend on a hobby they wont even know if they like cant play it. additionally it is only popular in northern states which leaves about 95% of people in the south following a different sport. That leaves about 70% or more of the country following a different sport.

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    Hockey has always been regional. Most kids in the US don't grow up watching and playing hockey like they do American football.

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    Because in many cold weather states people played hockey growing up before the NHL put a local team in their state or area,not so in warm weather states,and part of the reasons why some warm weather states have NHL teams is because many people moved there from cold weather states, this is true in Arizona & also in Florida.

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    Many areas in the US are warm weather states.

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