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Is this professor hitting on me or is it just me?

I am a student at a University and love Entrepreneurship, I was reached out to by a professor on campus who I never took a class with and he offered help and told me about some entrepreneurship programs he has. We began to start meeting up on campus a lot and started getting close little do I find out he is gay like me. I started to feel intense attraction but never said anything. I asked my friends about him and they said he is one of the best professors on campus. Yet, he is someone else when we close the door and are alone. He makes sexual remarks or jokes and touches me hand when he is trying to tell me something. He also has touched my knee with his. He also has offered free additional help with classes out of my major. I have tried telling my friends but everyone is in denial. Is this normal or is it just me?

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    Congrats! He likes you. Tread lightly though. The info you’ve given us sure makes it appear that way but you wouldn’t wanna lose such a valuable mentor if you came on too strong.

    Make discrete flirtatious remarks and if he’s responsive, see if he’d be down for coffee or something and take it from there

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    He's a randy professor let loose amongst a load of inexperienced young people full of hormones and testosterone. He probably thinks he's gone to Heaven. If his behaviour bothers you, then gently back off and don't be alone with him. He wants you as another notch on his bedpost. This sleazy stuff happens to girls all the time.

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    Not normal, and not appropriate given your relationship

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