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Terrified of wisdom teeth surgery?

I’m getting my wisdom teeth out on Wednesday and I am absolutely terrified.I have never had any type of surgery before,I’ve never had to be put to sleep for anything,I’ve never had an iv,and I can’t stop thinking about it.I need help.the knot in my stomach and these awful thoughts won’t go away.I need to know a few things.How bad does the iv hurt?What does it feel like when the needle goes in and for how long?What happens when the needle is put in?What is the step by step iv procedure like and does it hurt?what if I wake up during the surgery?I feel like I’m going to cry or have An anxiety attack any minute thinking about it.Please,someone ease my fears.

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  • 1 year ago

    I was like you but once they explained everything it wasn't as terrifying as I thought.

    You will be fine once it's over and you will have to wait for awhile before you can eat or drink.

    I had soup and ice cream and a milky coffee when I got all 3 out.

  • Pearl
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    1 year ago

    i would just do it,it probably wont be as bad as you think

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    I have never personally had that procedure done, but I can tell you about the IV process! They will typically put a band on your arm to locate a suitable vein, then they will take it off while they get the IV ready. The needle will pierce the skin and go into your vein just a little. By this point the worst is over! Then the catheter will be in place and the needle will come out of your skin. The catheter is not hard so the discomfort is minimal. Trust me, the apprehension is much worse than the real thing. Take some deep breaths and enjoy a few days of food you don't have to chew:)

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    Here’s what I remember from having four wisdom teeth out:



    “Ok, wake up, we’re all done!”

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  • Shay
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    1 year ago

    Have you ever had a shot or a blood test or any kind of needle injection - it is no worse than that.

    The actual IV is a very small plastic tube that stays in your vein. The actual IV needle is just used to insert that tube and then the needle does not stay in - the tube stays in. Most of the time, you barely notice it is there. It only takes a minute or two to get it in and taped in place.

    When it is all done, you might have a small bruise on the location were the IV was. A bruise is caused by blood under the skin and when the IV is pulled out, a little blood sometimes spreads under the skin before the vein closes.

    Waking up during surgery is very very rare. There is always someone monitoring the medication drip that is keeping you asleep and they are watching to make sure there are no signs of you waking up before you are suppose to.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    I had a wisdom tooth pulled because of rot. The dentist popped it out with one push - came right out in a second with no numbing or needles.

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