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Why does my friend never contact anymore?

I have this friend who I met at secondary school. I joined a bit later but we became friends. He’s a little weird like me and gets angry quite easily. I also really don't have many friends. Anyway, on one of our last days at secondary school (after exams) we swapped phone numbers. He contacted a bit over that summer and, maybe it wasn’t loads but I think it seemed a lot to me. I didn't so much because I wanted to leave him. Soon though, me and most of my family had to move house because of family problems. Not too far away though, and we stayed in contact. Then, like since the start of this year he just barely contacts anymore. He will contact me back if I do to him. He’s usually quite quick as well. Though, he won’t really do it first anymore. Sometimes it’s like a few months. I’ve started doing it a bit more now. Recently, he said on the phone when we were speaking, “Oh, I kind of forgot I had your number”. Also, he’s not great at saying much, mostly by text and I also just feel he’s forgotten about me and never rarelly makes any effort with the friendship. After the last text conversation, I thought: “well that was a bit pointless”. He rarely suggests something like meeting up. We were both at college last year (Though different). I suppose I don’t make much either, but I’m started to contact him a bit more as he isn’t. However, he’s generally been and is nice. (To me anyway) and I definitely not being intrusive. I’m just wondering why this all is? Has he made better friends at his college etc.? Plz help. Thanks.


Oh, I'm 18, he's 17.

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  • Pearl
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    10 months ago
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    he might be too busy with college to contact anyone

    • barney10 months agoReport

      Yeah, possibly true, but not over all the summer holidays (surely).

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Because that friend is a coward!!!!!!!

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