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Can i use a usb cord to charge my bluetooth xbox one controller?

I want to buy a bluetooth controller, but only if it has the slot to charge it via usb cable. does it have this slot?

Also, if it does have the slot, can i play it while it's connected/charging via the cable?

And can i use ANY usb cable for it, or does it need to be an xbox one?

Thank you

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  • opurt
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    9 months ago
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    It has a Micro USB port, yes. It can be used when connected via USB with any Micro USB cable, at which point it acts like a wired controller (it sends gaming signals over the wire, not Bluetooth or the Xbox One wireless protocol).

    It does not contain a built-in battery. It can only be charged via USB if you use Microsoft's own overpriced battery pack. Otherwise it takes 2 AA batteries. You can use rechargeable AAs and swap them out whenever you want. If you use it wired then it doesn't even need batteries in it.

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