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Is it possible for tissues to stay in the toilet for over 2 years?

I used to flush tissues down the toilet, but then, I learnt that one cannot flush tissues down the toilet, so I stopped. Looking back upon my diary entry, it seems that I stopped flushing tissues over 2 years ago.

recently, I've often seen strange looking paper matter in the toilet. it looks like tissues. there's always a tissue floating down there. It's very annoying. I've been fishing them out of the toilet with the brush, but it's annoying, because they keep appearing.

I would like to ask my mother about this, but I don't want it to end up being me who was the cause for all these tissues. but if I stopped flushing tissues 2 years ago, or at least a year ago, I don't really remember, it can't be me, can it?

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    you don't have a clue how a toilet works, do you?

    there is no place for the tissues to hang out in a toilet.

    No you are not seeing 2 year old tissues in your toilet.

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    There's a clog in the bend of your toilet partially obstructing it. Do you see how there's a little less water than there ought to be? The clog is wicking the water out through symphonic action. These things can build up slowly before you notice that there's a problem. All you need is for something like a careless wet wipe to glue itself to the side of the pipe and it will gather "bits" as it's not smooth and since the bits aren't smooth either they gather more bits. It's not a wholly linear process. Soft bits get washed off when they reach a certain tipping point like how cigarette ash can only grow so long before falling off, but because it never entirely clears new bits come along. Tmi, I know....

    Anyway, squirt a generous amount of washing up liquid down the loo and get a bucket of hot, but not boiling water and tip it down the pan from as high as you can manage. If it's a small blockage that's usually enough to get things going. If you have a plunger in the house you might want to give it a vigorous plunging to push anything along. (If you don't have a plunger buy one at the supermarket. They're very cheap and if you do suddenly really need one it will always be at 3 in the morning so you'll be glad that it's ticked away in a cupboard or in the shed.)

    It doesn't really matter who or what caused it. It's happened and happens often. If this doesn't fix the problem do tell your mum because the other option will be a complete block and that's grim and will need to be dealt with. Baling that out will put you off eating for a good long while.

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