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Men - which size shirt do u choose.?

Chest size 38 inch

Shirt size slim fit

Small 36-38

Medium 39-41

Although I'm referring to a shirt. Sometimes when I wear small slim fit t shirts it's tight under my arm pits.

I don't like baggy shirts

Which size shirt would you suggest? Thanks

1 Answer

  • zeno
    Lv 7
    9 months ago
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    You have to try on lots of T SHIRTS to find

    What fits the best. I dislike t shirts with pockets

    And extra neck material on the back if the shirt

    And designer name embroidery or other graphic

    Bs. I just want a nice comfortable round neck

    T shirt with mellow colors but bright colors and

    I never wear red or orange or pink or gold or

    Other loud colors. The t shirts I bought a Costco

    About 10 years ago are very comfortable and

    Just the way I like them. But Costco stopped

    Selling them or changed them.

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