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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceStudying Abroad · 9 months ago

studying in a university that isn't accredited?

im currently studying in American University of Madaba, but it is only accredited here in jordan, not the USA. im concerned because i plan to work in the USA after i graduate. is there absolutely NO chance of me getting a job abroad if it is not accredited?

2 Answers

  • 9 months ago

    If it's not accredited in the US, employers may not recognise it.

    As a US citizen, you can obviously work there without a visa - but if employers don't recognise your qualifications, it's entirely possible it'll limit your career opportunities.

    As to the rest of the world - depends what you're studying, and whether any other countries recognise the university either.

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  • 9 months ago

    1. You will have no qualifications for any employment visa with only a bachelor's degree & no experience, no specialized expertise in short supply in the US. You cannot even apply for any jobs.

    2. If the university is not properly accredited, your degree might be accepted by local employers in your own country, but will not be acceptable to either employers' or visa officials' standards.

    You are only going to work in your own country.

    Worldwide labor glut of a billion adults already with another billion on track to enter the world's workforces within the decade. To work in a foreign country, expect to need a minimum of master's (preferably doctorate) degree PLUS sufficient experience to have developed significant expertise in a high-tech/STEM occupation which is in short supply & eligible for temporary employment visa. Then expect to compete with 100-1000 applicants from around the world for any job which offers any prospects of a temporary employment visa. The only jobs for "lesser lights," those with lesser qualifications, might be in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, etc. You cannot count on that situation continuing.

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