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Is there any city in the world, that the city provides bins (besides for trash and recycling) for people to put in their unwanted?

but still good items for anyone else to take and use. At least before it is thrown away. This could be anything from paperclips, to canned food, to hangers, to jewelry, to dishware to televsions, etc.

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    In the suburban areas of our state (Massachusetts) most town dumps have a “Put & Take”. People put useful items there instead of throwing them away, and others can take what they want. The town hires people to organize the items and make sure things people bring in are ok (no food, for example). These are for town residents only — you have to have a bumper sticker from the town to go into the dump at all.

  • 11 months ago

    My area, in Southside Virginia, does. There are bins for brush, bins for tires, bins for bulk items, bins for household garbage, bins for recycling, and a small building for things that other people can use. The last is often loaded with strange things, everything you mentioned, reading matter, furniture, even a blow-up sex doll, once.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    It's called eBay, but it's not a city.

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    11 months ago

    Good Will, Salvation Army and other outfits such as Value Village, thrift stores in every town, second hand stores. Paper clips is not of any value. So these places do take your donations (except for food because that is a LEGAL thing) but any hardware or soft wear such as clothing and shoes and the like and recycle them by reselling them at a reduced cost. There is stuff they accept and stuff that they view as junk, so you have to ask them what they want for they are not the garbage dump.

    It is strange that you have never gone to one of these stores before. I go just searching for antiques...and other stuff. It is interesting what people had. They are not providing the bins as this is a "business". That is an extra cost they don't need. You bring your stuff to the store during business hours.

    . You went out of your way to buy the item new, so you can go out and return it for recycling(reuse). You will shop there too and buy stuff.

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  • Jahal
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    11 months ago

    Good question. It's a great idea but most cities don't have a way of monitoring that. They would most likely be worried that it would be too hard to manage.

    ⁰It would probably be a grass roots kind of thing, not sponsored by gov municipality.

    Like there was a park in a beach town in So. Cal that had a free bin. You could leave or take items.

  • Dze
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    11 months ago

    theres organizations like 'good will' that have drop boxes for things like that in just about every town ..

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