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People driving above posted speed limit do not have right of way?

Someone brought this up awhile back in a thread and the way he argued this was very methodical, to the point where I think majority of people who disagreed with him might in fact be wrong about this.

If you are on the highway with a posted limit of 75mph and passing several slow vehicles doing 65-70mph and someone comes right up on your tail doing 100+mph, majority of people think the speeder has right of way and that you should get the hell out of the way. When in fact, according to this guy, the speeder absolutely does not have right of way and should slow down approaching highway traffic. He went on to explain that you should merge over when you have the safe opportunity to do so and that the only speeders that have right of way are emergency vehicles.

I guess my question is, was everyone wrong for bashing this guy? Because I am starting to see this a lot on the highway and realizing that everything he said made a lot of sense.


I showed this thread to a traffic officer and he said the person with the long reply is correct. Because anyone in the process of passing one/multiple vehicles has the right to do so within legal parameters and if not driving slower than the current speed limit - The speeder would have to yield to the person passing until the pass is completed. The officer also said "It is illegal to speed up to pass a vehicle".

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    Smart guy. He is absolutely 100% correct. And yes, A LOT of people are going to disagree with that because they think they have entitlement to the road and can do whatever they want. It is reckless endangerment and always illegal to speed, even if it is just 10mph over.

    Edit: Already, look at the sense of entitlement in some of these guys commenting, it's ridiculous!! Nobody owes speeders any courtesy at all!! The moment they decide to break the law, all traffic violations are their fault. They can even be sentenced to life in prison for causing a fatal accident. Also, for the record, you can't "impede" traffic if you're already going the posted limit. If you have a dash cam, everything will always 100% be the speeders fault. Just keep driving safely and by the law as you usually would.

    Goldfly: Absolutely incorrect - The only person being inconvenienced is the speeder. I've read the law books and the rules regarding this, you are wrong. A lot of the answers in here are already proving my point. Complete and total ignorance.

    For the record, I am not telling people to block speeders on purpose - Complete your maneuver safely and merge over appropriately. Until then, the speeder just has to deal with it. If you give the speeder courtesy and merge back into slow traffic without enough distance between vehicles, you just created a dangerous hazard. This is why Semi Trucks for example will plow over vehicles without enough stopping distance. Hence why speeders are idiot morons and have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT OF WAY, EVER!!

    Are you guys ignoring what I am saying on purpose or do you literally lack that much of an IQ? Doesn't matter, you can argue with me all you want; you'll still be wrong and will always be proven wrong in a court of law in the event an accident occurs. Your egos are preventing you from understanding and comprehending everything written here. If you're that hard headed, don't even take my word for it - Go look up the laws. They are clearly stated. Done arguing this, because at the end of the day I'll be rolling around in your insurance money. You guys can NEVER justify breaking the law - Not gonna happen.

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    True, but when you're lying in a hospital bed, saying "I had right of way..............

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    The vehicle code where I live states "No vehicle shall travel at speeds greater than the posted maximum speed limit", and that includes vehicles passing other vehicles..

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    No they don't. But, being on a motorcycle, I try not to play"chicken". I would be right, all right. Dead Right.

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    From a pure right of way standpoint, the right of way always belongs to the slower vehicle, the one that is being overtaken. This is true for automobiles, boats, and aircraft. A balloon has the right of way over a jet.

    Courtesy, and the law in a few states say to move right when it is safe to do so, but if you run into a slower car you will be at fault.

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    Ive been seeing this.

    People who are driving faster than you arent entitled to the right-of-way, but you should still give it anyway as these same people are generally the ones who are prone to road rage and could cause all sorts of things to happen like crashes or violence.

    In the end its not worth it. Just swallow your pride and give them space. They'll end up doing something stupid up the road anyway.

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    Well if hte law says you have to move over when you complete the pass then you have to move over. Saying well teh speeder is breaking the law doesn't mean you are free break the law to try to change THEIR actions. Also it is well proven that the slower traffic in the left lane is MORE DANGEROUS. The fast driver is likely to try and "underpass" and they will be zig-zagging through traffic. In other words the car cruising in the left lane is CREATING A HAZARD. I'm sure some will say that's not their fault/aren't creating a hazard, but yes they are. That person could have simply gone straight if the idiot would have moved back over. Clearly there was plenty of room for them to move over if the other person could pass them on the right.

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    That's the rule on the Autobahn, you watch your mirrors and get the frack out of the way of faster traffic.

    It is still common courtesy to allow other drivers to get past, it prevents traffic jam ups to open the road.

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    They do not have the right of way. But you must move right when you're done passing slower traffic so you're not impeding traffic yourself.

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    You can be dead right. The speeder may have a purpose to his fast driving. Just get out of his way.

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