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I finally found the courage to Tell all my toxic friends that I no longer want to have nothing to do with them?

Don't know really why some of us that may have faced dysfunction at some point or another find it so hard to step out of Toxic relationships environments, Had many clues that something was wrong from the beginning, I'm talking about people who are: Bitchy, Entitled, Selfish, Greedy, Manipulative, Gossipers and of top That have a heavy marihuana habit and deal with drugs in the neighborhood usually selling in it to friends, this people will Shout, Be rude and always find blame on others, They are also a bunch of punks that don't know how to fight, But would always challenge you to one.The issue here is that they Only smoke weed but don't drink and I usually do Both they are always giving me **** because they say I'm obnoxious and beligerant when I'm buzzed, and use that to antagonize me. I GOT TIRED OF THEIR **** So, because I want to stop drinking and hanging out with people who get high.

I exited the what's app group.

Blocked all their numbers.

Had a couple of Arguments with them.

Told them I won't be going attending gatherings.

Was it the right approach?

I don't know how to handle things if is not straight ahead.

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  • Foofa
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    11 months ago

    The mature approach would be to just decline their invitations until they take the hint. But you went the diva way with a bunch of unnecessary drama. Either way they surely understand now to no longer contact you, so the deed is done.

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