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what do you do when a smell or scent sparks off nostalgic/comforting memories of long ago?

and what does this mean?

like before, i live in a 3rd floor flat, and i walked into my bathroom to wash my face and i smelled a nice perfumy type scent in the air, a comforting-familiar smell and it made me think of a girl i knew a long time ago in the 1980's and remember someones house back then to....and i felt suddenly saddened and trapped in the here and now, knowing i can never go back to that house or find that girl of long ago..

i'm a generation x and often feel i don't belong in this era, because there is a lot i don't like about it..

i'm a man who's adult life didn't turn out how i wanted it, never found adult relationships because i had many problems and fckd up many opportunities....but i had a happy childhood and remember that.

anyway, what do you do when a smell triggers off a nostalgic comforting memory long ago? and why does this happen?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    i simply reminisce the good days back

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