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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsOther - Family & Relationships · 9 months ago

Was I in the wrong ? What would you do ?

I’m 31 and my older sister is 36. Her and i have never gotten along and growing up she abused me physically and emotionally.

I’ve since tried to cope and still have my ups and downs with her . Last week she insulted me and told me I wasn’t a woman . In the past she has told me that I wasn’t going to be sh*t in life.

Anyway, she went and had a surgery done for weight loss purposes . My mom was there alone waiting for her surgery to end. So I thought I’d show up and comfort her .

I stayed almost the whole day. Fast forward at night , I spoke with my sister and she said I love you and I said the same thing .

The following day, my mom unexpectedly decides to work for 4 hours. She then says , oh I’ll pay you gas money to go see your sister that way she won’t be alone recovering . I told her me having a 1 year old baby in the hospital in just unnecessary for a few hours especially when my sister is up and talking and walking now .

My mom agreed and said fine I’ll keep the baby while I’m at work (she works alone). I then told her she wouldn’t have done that on a different situation . There’s been times when I had to work or do something important and she would never be easy going about just bringing my baby to her job on the weekend . She got mad and hung up in my face.

What to do ?

2 Answers

  • 9 months ago

    My wife has the similar issue. Growing up, her older sister by 2 years woupd always call her fat and ugly. At school, her sister would ignore her and act like she didn't know her.

    Then her sister was a flight attendant and married some tall handsome guy. About 9 years later, they had an ugly divorce involving 2 children. Then I met my wife and was told by everyone in the family how handsome I was. My wife is also an engineer with 2 degrees. I had 1 degree.

    Her sister would try to flirt with me, but I'd always blow her off and show her how annoyed I was. We then had a baby of our own. One day, my wife saw on social media that her sister kept calling some friend her new younger sister. This of course, hurt my wife's feelings.

    Conclusion, like my wife, your sister is probably jealous at something you have. Maybe you received more attention from your parenys than she did. Maybe she knows you'll become something better than her. Focus on your life.

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  • 9 months ago

    What to do? Stop trolling this nonsense, that's what. You need serious lessons in trolling if you're going to be credible. Feel free to ask me for help.

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