Will a mechanic coarse at a technical school pay for itself if I only work on my own car?

Hey I'm 30 years old with too much free time. I was wondering if learning how to fix my own car.(I'm guessing $11,000 for the coarse) would pay for itself over the years without using it for employment? Thanks
Update: Oh ya I wasn't even thinking about the computer stuff. Just air tools and some Jack's. Thanks....GOD
Update 2: I dnt reely care*
Update 3: Oh ok like coarse to touch? Course* got it. Thanks for correcting that my guy. Luckily you knew what it meant though as I wasn't talking about how your hair feels.
Update 4: I understand enough simple English to help get the oil out of the earth so you can drive your mini Cooper. Though you come off as a Tesla guy. I don't know what TD stands for either.
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