John asked in Science & MathematicsWeather · 11 months ago

Why do clouds usually move from East to West?

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  • 11 months ago
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    That's the way the earth rotates, and it takes the winds with it.

  • Ron
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    11 months ago

    Not sure what you are referring to. Low pressure systems move from East to West in the low latitudes and the polar latitudes. In the middle latitudes where most people live, they move from West to the East. This is due to global wind belts. There are regional effects too though because air moves toward the center of low pressure.

  • Mike
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    11 months ago

    Clouds will move east to west when the wind is blowing from the east to the west.

  • Lôn
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    11 months ago

    Only if there is an easterly wind.

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