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What make a vagina so special ?

My wife made a comment that she is giving me sex so I should be paying all the bills .....I told her I can get elsewhere if that is the case ......

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    I think that a lot of women are taught from a young age (covertly, through friends, family, media, etc.) that hetero sex is inherently exclusively pleasurable for men. Your wife likely holds this view and looks at sex as a favour for you. My advise would be to have heart-to-heart with your wife and tell her that you want sex to be something that's enjoyable for both of you, not something that you're made to feel like you owe her for. You can also ask her if there's anything you can do to make the experience more enjoyable for her.

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    11 months ago

    You could say, "Now I'm definitely not paying the bills. I might get arrested for soliciting."

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    It has been said that men are at a disadvantage. Women have 50% of the money and all of the *****.

    I have observed recently among young men 16-28 a trend to not even bother with women. They either self satisfy or take care of each others needs, The line between acceptable sexual partners has been broken down and there is no shame in same sex relationships, FWB for men. A clean well lubricated anus is as easily enjoyable as a vagina which is gender specific normally wielded by an erratic self absorbed shrew who has weaponized *****.

    NO surprise teens and young men suck and bang each other then buy a pizza and play video games rather than spend the money chasing a piece of snatch that there is no guarantee that they will be able to tap.

    Sex is no longer totally controlled by female apparatus. Good Luck women finding a husband to extort.

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    "What makes a vagina so special?", you ask.

    1. It is so warm and -- depending on the girl -- can be so wet that you feel like you're floating in a pool.

    2. It feels sooooo good to be in, depending on the tightness and the wetness.

    3. If you're like me and you had to stand by until the age of 19, waiting to lose your virginity while almost everyone else was getting some ***** or dick, that first taste got you hooked and now everyday without it, a piece of you dies.

    Vaginas are special because they hold the key to a man's well-being, peace, pleasure and overall happiness!

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    As an older man Its really not so special. Men are programmed to become attracted to women at first by "body scanning" them certain things click and he gets attracted and often even erect far before the vagina comes into play. Young men who have had non to a little experience with vaginas/vulva and all the parts are hyper excited about them out of pure curiosity. Whats nice about them is they self lubricate taking some of the work out for the guy. But sooner of later most guys with lube discover the anus how it doesn't get busted out in long sex sessions.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Cuz it feels like warm pie inside

  • Helen
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    11 months ago

    Here are 5 reasons why the vagina is so "special":

    1. It can lift weights. 30lbs was the vagina weightlifting record set in 2009.

    2. It can stretch to accommodate a human head...and bounce back!

    3. It has twice as many nerve endings as the penis.

    4. It's so self-sufficient, it cleans itself!

    5. It has the same PH level as a glass of wine.

    So get paying those bills!

  • Trish
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    Most women work even those with young children. She can expect the bills to get paid as long as she is putting something towards savings for the family. Shes not having sex alone shes getting off too. Its a two way street.

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    for many / wh ores...... its a source of income..........for her its a meal ticket

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    You will be killed off. You will never get near to a woman's vagina. No woman will even have sex with you. Woman's vagina is worth a trillion times more than a man's penis

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