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I just heard a version of The Golden Path by The Chemical Brothers on BBC6 music featuring The Flaming Lips that I am unable to track down.?

All the versions of this track on youtube are either live, or do not have the harsh guitars and distorted vocals the version that was played on the radio featured. I tried every variation on youtube, looked at the different cd releases and can t seem to find it at all. It sounded like a studio recording, or perhaps a well produced demo, but it was rough and harsh sounding compared to anything I can find. There s a chance it was a cover by someone else and the bbc6 online page attributed it to The Flaming Lips version. It had minimal electronics, and was more dirty guitar, bass and drum heavy, even the vocals sounded slightly overdriven. Would love to find it and hear it again. Any help?

1 Answer

  • Steve
    Lv 5
    9 months ago

    Yo...….It's in the album Brotherhood by The Chemical Brothers

    • Vincent9 months agoReport

      That isn't the version I heard, thanks though.

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