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Are Jehova's witnesses the least intelligent among all the types of Christians?

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    From what I am reading, I do not think the question had anything to do with religion, so I am not sure why so many responding to the question are debating about religion. The question was if Jehovas Witness are the least intelligent. As a professor of psychology I can share what I have researched. The practice of actually measuring intelligence is in constant debate. You will never find anyone who agrees with the accuracy of measuring intelligence. If you are talking about education, the Jehova's Witness Community does tend to hold fewer college degrees compared to the Mormons who statistically edge the Jewish community for the most educated. This too can be unreliable because it can be attributed to other factors such as socio-economic levels and/or the difference in the population of members of these communities. For example, the percentage of degrees held by Muslims and Catholics is astronomical, but we must not ignore the number of people representing these faiths at a global scale. It may be better to classify the Jehova's Witness group into smaller samples to answer your question. For example, are Jehova's Witness in Southern California more intelligent than those in New York and then doing the same with other religions. Here you would have a better chance at getting somewhere with your question.

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    LOl 😂, Definitely Not!

    They are not the ones believing in traditions of men that are not based on the ancient scriptures but originate from False Pagan Beliefs.

    They also do not support War and the killing of other Christians or the innocent.

    They know the scriptures more then the next person because they study them voluntarily, even a child can recite All the Books of the Bible and share facts from it.

    They mostly follow the scriptural standards not their own so that they can please their God and live a good clean moral lifestyle. Which many people Today fall short off.

    They don’t claim to be perfect, but they are honest and trustworthy and intelligent then most. Due to the fact of reliance on God who is Intelligence Itself, how can Human go wrong there ????? is the official site

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    Jehovah's Witnesses aren't Christians

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    Faulty comparison. JW's aren't Christian. They deny that Christ is God, and made their own JW text -- the New World Translation -- considered heretical by Christian churches.

    Source(s): Greek Orthodox Christian
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    Zombie apocalypsionists are the least intelligent.

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    no because they can ride bikes and knock on doors

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    Although the Pew Reports have some value, human measures of intelligence are often flawed. Many measures are how much higher education they have. Jeremiah wrote that the one boasting should boast about having knowledge and insight about Jehovah. Jesus referenced Isaiah about the time when people will all be taught by Jehovah.

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    Intelligence is generally defined as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge. By this fundamental meaning, most anyone who can read and write can possess intelligence. I have been aware for some time that most professed Christians can read and write. That certainly includes Jehovah's Witnesses. Now if you view all types of professed Christians as lacking in intelligence (which allows you to ask whether the Witnesses are the least intelligent), that would tend to be subjective and opinionated on your part, don’t you agree?

    Now suppose I were to say to you that the gravamen of most complaints against Jehovah’s Witnesses has little to do with their ability to learn. If you understand that word gravamen, does that mean you are intelligent? And if you do not understand the meaning, does that mean you are lacking intelligence? Of course not. Suppose you consult a dictionary to ascertain the meaning. Now you have the meaning. Are you more intelligent than you were five minutes ago?

    We can see then that one would have to have some sort of standard by which to measure intelligence. And that standard, manifestly, would need to be accepted by most everyone. So we would need to know the criteria you have in mind. For instance, when you say intelligence, do you refer to that obtained with a high school education, university education, hands-on training education, Bible education, or education by experience?

    In my experience, Jehovah’s Witnesses are not more likely to be less intelligent simply because they are Christians. Certainly, Jehovah’s Witnesses are not more likely to be less intelligent simply because they are Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    Hannah J Paul

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    According to the Pew Report, they read the Bible more than the average person, attend more religious meetings, have less high school drop outs. Their literature has articles on history, science, current events, medicine, and general knowledge. They have classes to teach the illiterate. While many attend tech school, rather than college, many members are college graduates. I don't know that you would use the word uneducated for this, but they are not as schooled in the "wisdom of the world " as many others. Bible says the "wisdom of the world is foolishness with God " and they don't want to be fools in God's eyes. Though the world views them as "unlettered and ordinary " in the same way they viewed first century Christians. Thanks for your question. Though mocking, it was an excellent platform for an answer. Oh and before I forget. They don't kill brain cells through drugs and over drinking.

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    Hard to say for certain - Mormon magic underpants is pretty hard to overlook.

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