What are some alternatives to All Songs Considered podcast that are not so mainstream or pop?

Looking for music podcasts or blogs that focus more on alternative, new wave, post-punk, or whatever's weird and interesting.

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  • WUWR
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    1 year ago

    I like Sound Opinions personally. Jim and Greg are a couple of Chicago rock critics and they hit a nice variety of stuff. I haven't listened to this week's episode yet, but it's a "Burried Treasure" episode which have often clued me in on some good, more under the radar acts. They do a whole bunch of different things though. Classic album highlights. Various themed episodes ("Songs about Quitting Work" happened recently for an example). They will occasionally do a "Rock Doctors" episode where they will pick a listener who has submitted a plea for music recommendations and "prescribe" an album each. Interview/performance episodes and what not. Good cast, and I like their take on things even if I often disagree with some of their opinions.

    For something a little more under the radar I really enjoy 3 Songs Podcast with Bob Nostanovich and Mike Hogan. It's not an emphasis on what is new (if that's a concern), but just two dudes hanging out and spinning 3 songs each that they want to talk about on that particular episode. Sometimes they will do band highlights for an episode, but generally you'll get 6 tunes from a variety of acts. Good conversation too. Bob was in Pavement and tells stories and has a neat perspective about that whole scene, but they also will cover a variety of stuff. It's a lot of punk, indie, and alt rock, but definitely not exclusively. I've been turned onto some pretty great stuff by them and it's a good cast.

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