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I don’t get the point of golf. What is it?

My friend took my golfing the other day, and we had a good time shooting the ball around the park, but what’s the actual goal? I could tell that people were getting mad at us, but I don’t know what we were doing wrong. We didn't know what we were trying to do, so we just hit the ball, then walked to where it was and hit it again, and again, and again, and went around the whole golf park. At least the golf carts were pretty enjoyable, and unlike the game, intuitive.

Next time, what's the goal of golf?

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    The point of all sports is to exercise.... you were not playing golf. hitting balls is not golf. Golf is more demanding than hitting the white ball. the point of Golf is to hit the ball two times and land it on the green. Can you do that?

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    It helps people relax and take your mind off at things.

  • If you go golfing again, and you feel like people are getting angry at you, just ask them if they want to go before you.

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    Hit the ball until it gets inside the hole...

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    Golf is a great way to ruin a nice walk.

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