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Will Doxycycline antibiotics cure any gum related infections?

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    Doxycycline (which belongs to a group of drugs known as tetracycline antibiotics) is used to treat periodontitis, but it is not a first-line drug for dental abscesses or anything involving the actual tooth because Doxycycline doesn't take up well in the tissues, though it takes up excellently in the extra-cellular fluid. It also can cause Gastrointestinal inflammation when used in therapeutic doses (which can be a contraindication for some people, such as people with chron's disease, colitis, Irritable bowel, etc.) , as well as the fact that Doxycycline becomes poisonous once it decays from sitting on the shelf too long.

    The first line antibiotics used to treat most dental infections are most usually of the penicillin group (particularly Penicillin Potassium Clavunate, known as Penicillin VK or amoxicillin depending upon the severity of the infection ), unless they are specifically and absolutely contraindicated in a given patient. (e.g. drug allergies, etc.) This is because Penicillins have greater and much broader-spectrum reactivity to graham-negative bacteria than do the tetracycline drugs. Clindamycin is similarly used based on much the same reasoning. (Though we tend to be more judicious on using Clindamycin for the reason of avoiding the development of bacterial resistance because it is quite a bit more potent than most Penicillins.)

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    rinse your mouth with lemongrass or neem leavs

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    Ask your doctor. The professionals are always better to answer these questions.

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    Its used to treat some gum disorders. And it will depend on the type of infection is present.

    Periodontal diseases inflame and destroy the structures surrounding and supporting the teeth, primarily the gums, bone, and the outer layer of the tooth root. Periodontal diseases are caused mainly by accumulation of bacteria.They can be affected by some general body conditions, such as diabetes, melitus ,poor nutrition, leukemia, and AIDS as well as smoking..

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    it may or not, depending on what is actually causing the gum disease

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    You going to write yourself script??

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    well you won't believe me, but I found out that liposomal C is similar to an antibiotic but not as dangerous to take like a pharmaceutical can be......AND the father of vitamin C.......Dr. Linus Pauling who lived into his 90's , took 19 grams of C per day, the article never said why, look it up, so then I started taking C-complex at about 12-16 grams per day on avg, and it vastly increased my gum health, the hygienist even commented on it.

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