BSN or Ultrasound Tech?

My daughter is a recent high school graduate studying biology at a very good school. She had a 3.8 and a 1400 SAT in high school. Loves math and science (particularly math). She's always said she wanted to be a nurse, but recently she's been talking about ultrasound tech. She's done research that says the salary is comparable and that the job is less stressful. I told her that is usually a two year degree and I'd really like to see her get a 4 year degree (there are a few bachelor degree sonography programs out there) Can anyone in either of these professions give me your input? She had thought about med school but says she wants to have a family not be "married" to her job. So that is a consideration.

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  • 1 year ago

    I'd encourage your daughter to get a BSN, but she had to decide what she really wants to do 40 house a week for 40 years. As Ibu guru noted, an ultrasound tech is going to do the exact same thing all day, every day with little or no chance for advancement. A nurse, particularly in a hospital environment, will have a greater variety of patients and procedures plus room to specialize or become a Nurse Practitioner in the future.

  • 1 year ago

    Thank you for the information. I am asking because she is 18 and came to me to talk to me about it and I wanted more info before giving her my opinion or advice. I do not push my kids into careers, but my daughter and I are close and she is struggling with what to do right now because it's time to make decisions so that accurate prereqs can be taken before applying to nursing or ultrasound programs. She came to me and asked for my opinion and input.

  • 1 year ago

    It's your daughter's choice, not yours. However, as an X-ray/ultrasound tech, starting pay may come close to that of entry-level nursing job, but there really is no room for advancement. She will stay in that position, perhaps with some raise in pay from time to time, depending on her performance. With BSN, she can continue to MSN or other specializations, if she wishes. There is more demand for nurses.

    As for family, chances are very high that she will work throughout her life, marriage + child or not. Nurses blend & balance family life & career. And there are more part-time work opportunities as a nurse than as a tech, if she wanted to reduce work hours for some period of time. She likely will have more options & more flexibility as a nurse than as a tech.

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