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What are the best ways to expand space with USB on PlayStation 4 Pro, all my USB are running out of space with other devices connected?

I have already 2 external hard drives on the console one on the back USB of the console and one in the front. But I'm using the other USB on for my wireless turtle beach headset.

I've been trying to look for USB ports or extender to have more USB space.


I've tried using 10TB Seagate Hard Drive hub. But the PlayStation 4 won't accept it as storage. All my games are physical discs and free PlayStation plus that are free to keep. I have DLCs and updates for the games too.

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  • opurt
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    10 months ago

    You'd want a USB 3.0 Hub, preferably a powered one -- just search on Amazon or whatever for one.

    However, it won't be any good for more storage, and I wonder what additional devices you're looking to plug in. The PS4 only supports two external drives at a time, so it's not like the extra ports get you any more storage. And plugging storage in through a hub is a bad idea because they all end up sharing the one port on the PS4, slowing everything down.

    EDIT: Unless it's changed recently, the max the PS4 supports is an 8 TB drive.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Why do you need so much storage? Surely you can afford to delete some of those games instead of hording them

    Anyway, why not get a bigger external hard drive? Makes more sense to increase the storage than to keep buying a bunch of USB storage. Why do you need them all plugged in as well? It's not like you can run multiple games at the same time from them

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