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Should an iPad bought in Canada work with Airpods from Ireland?

I bought airpods off a seller in Ireland for 140 euros and the Airpods aren't connected to my iPad's bluetooth. I tried 2 other Bluetooth headphones and they both connected to my iPad. I messaged the seller and he said it's probably because my iPad was bought from Canada and so it's not compatible.

Is this true? I got my iPad just a month ago in Alberta, Canada?

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    There's no region-locking or country specific settings with Bluetooth. They should work with any iPad from anywhere, or with most other Bluetooth 4.0-capable devices too.

    The only restriction that applies to the iPad is that it has to be running iOS 10 or later for first-generation AirPods, or 12.2 or later for the latest ones.

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  • 10 months ago

    The proper place for this question is Consumer Electronics, PDAs & Handhelds.

    Since you failed to post it there, no one there can help you...

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  • Anonymous
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    AirPods work worldwide with ANY compatible Apple device.

    There’s a high possibility is that they are still locked to the last Apple device they were used with. If so then the seller needs to remove them from his or her Apple account. If the seller cannot do that then it strongly suggests that the AirPods are stolen as genuine owners can easily perform a factory reset.

    If they are not stolen then I suggest that you check whether they’re real or counterfeit. Do that by checking whether they show on Find My iPhone: only genuine iPhones, Macs, iPods and AirPods will show on that app.

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  • 10 months ago

    Not true as far as I know. All Apple products are compatible. I have several Apple devices bought at/from different locations in Europe, and they all work together perfectly. The only "problem" might be if one of the devices is very "old". That might be an issue, but in your case I assume that is not applicable. BTW, All Apple devices are Chinese anyway lol.

    All I can think of is your Airpods might be defective. Or are not original. 140€ is a suspiciously rather low price for the real thing. IMHO. Beware.

    Unless they're the older model. Then it's still a bit low, but in range.

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