My girlfriend is having so much trouble with learning to take off on motorcycle. What to do?

I try to tell her ease out on the clutch as u slowly give it throttle. I've showed her where the friction zone was and have tried to teach her from there. Still she stalls it. It got to the point I had her click into second while i pushed her like she was a kid in a swing. lol please help!

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  • 3 months ago

    Putting the bike on the center stand allowing the real wheel to spin is a good way to practice using the clutch and shifting. You might have to use a board under the center stand so that the rear wheel can spin free.

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  • 3 months ago

    'Tim D' said it right - explain to her what is happening (assuming you know) when she releases the clutch. I did this when my daughter was 10 and I was first teaching her to drive a stick shift car in a parking lot.

    Have her to keep letting it out slowly and then pulling back in when she feels the flywheel start to engage, instead of just trying to take off.

    After doing it enough times, she can start bumping it forward and then pull it back in (keeping her feet on the ground), and eventually take off. Have patience (and tell her to have patience). Once she gets it, riding a motorcycle is awesome.

    • Billy3 months agoReport

      Im just giving her time to herself to learn in backyard for now. She did take off once. I told her dont go too fast and stay in second she did good but after that its just been trouble and she gets so angry!

  • 3 months ago

    We all had a little trouble. I had some even on my Honda 50 back in '78. Patience. Don't push her more per day than she appears to want to go. In a week, it will be second nature. Press it , and she'll never forgive the scraped knees, elbows you got her. Might make her gun-shy, too.

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  • 3 months ago

    Put her on the back.

  • 3 months ago


    Quit trying to force her to learn how to ride it. Its noble what you are doing, but she obviously has no interest in learning.

    I know what you are going to say, "but she really does seem eager to learn". Yeah, and women often will smile and laugh it off when they recieve unwanted groping. Doesnt mean they liked it.

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  • Bort
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    3 months ago

    It really depends what bike it is. They don't all drive the same and no vehicles clutch is exactly the same. To teach how to get the feeling of a clutch you tell the student to let the clutch out very very slowly and when the vehicle starts to pull fully engage the clutch again to stop it quickly. Rinse and repeat until they can let the machine pull it self into a slow roll without stalling. It will be a very very slow walk. You can walk aside of her to make sure she doesn't dump it and get hurt keeping your index finger on the clutch too to yank it in quick if she lets it fly or the bike tries to take off.

    Don't start her off giving it gas. That comes after getting the feel for where the clutch starts to let the vehicle pull. Learning how to apply throttle comes later.

    On a motorcycle you can adjust the idle pin or adjust the choke to raise the idle a bit so it's less likely to stall but as long as it's not being given throttle it won't take off on her.

    She has to learn where the clutch is and starts pulling before giving it throttle. Take a real good study as to how you do it. Most of us rev the rpm up and down a bit as we're letting the clutch out to pull out whether we realize it or not. It's something that comes naturally after you figure it all out including the clutch pull point, the power of the bike, how the motor reacts to where you have the rpm....etc etc.

    She has to learn where the clutch pulls first. Then slowly add throttle tiny bit by tiny bit. Not everyone can hop on a bike and ride right away.

    • Anon3 months agoReport

      Pulling In the clutch lever (on something made after '72) is Dis Engaging. Releasing Lever Is En Gaging. Just like a car, releasing pedal Is En Gaging.

  • mokrie
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    3 months ago

    Your pushing her too fast. I learned by sitting in one spot on a motorcycle and easing the clutch out a tiny bit until it went a few inches slowly and then pull the clutch back to stop. I did this repeatedly until I got the feel of the clutch. That took away my nerves that it would run away like a frightened horse. It made me see I was controlling it. That's the key. Start her that way. She will go a little further on her own as she gains confidence over control.

    • Billy3 months agoReport

      thats exactly what i did... had her feel for frictiom zone and when she pulls in shes not going anywhere. Tried letting her get a feel. I feel like shes not fully understanding. I even tried to show her and shes just getting mad lol ugh im trying to now give her time with it in backyard alone.

  • 3 months ago

    Huh, you must paid to someone with license to teach.

    I think that i have pacience to teach but i am not cuz i did it before with my girlfriend too and she couldnt make it til i paid an teacher, firet i asure this teacher were a woman and around a week she was driving the motorbike without my help and very happy.

    I know it is a little bit triky but women heard different a what we men talk.

    Women are pretty easy but when you dont know each other, after this situation women got deaf and just listen to herself.

    Better if you give her a try out.

    • Hansel3 months agoReport

      Anon why you so angry, i was drunk trying to make a question but the YA asking for point and i donow anything ablout motorbike.

  • 3 months ago

    Give her time. You probably think riding a motorcycle is easier than riding a bicycle.

    • P & W3 months agoReport

      Some bikes really have complicated shifting. Two levers. must constantly remember which one and which way. Easier to fall over at 5 mph on bicycle than 25 on a motorcycle.Bikes slide on sand, on a motorcycle you can give it some power so wheel digs in.

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