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Can you see Gerrard walking at the end of the season if newco rangers dont win the league?

If he's not fired that is.

Is he going to risk leaving newco rangers with his reputation completely in tatters as the man who presided over newco rangers as Celtic won 10 in a row? If newco rangers dont win the league again theres a good chance he will leave newco rangers at the end of this season with at least some kind of dignity still intact.

Its all or nothing for Gerrard, the £7 million panic buy of Ryan Kent after getting his @rse handed to him by Celtic is a sure sign he is cracking under the pressure.

1 Answer

  • 9 months ago

    Celtic will win the league Dan and when the likes of Maggie turn on him he will walk I think newco have peaked that's good for a relatively new club mind you but they have burned out.

    • DanSix79 months agoReport

      Thick Mags wont turn on him. She so idiotic she will start giving it the 'needs more time', 'judge him in 6 months time', ect ect. She did the same with McCoist, Pedro, Warburton and ended up looking like a right silly fooker. If Gerrard cant stop Celtic winning the league AGAIN, he's a dud.

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