Is there a 4 year bachelors degree in medical sonography?

My daughter is a freshman in college. She wants to do something in the medical field and she isn't quite sure what yet, so she is majoring in biology for a year while she decides. She told me last night she's thinking about ultrasound tech. From what I know, that is an associates degree, and I would really rather see her get a bachelors degree. I did a little googling and did not find many 4 year degrees in medical sonography which surprised me. Is that not really a thing?

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  • 1 year ago

    Yes it is a thing, but many colleges and universities do not offer that type of bachelors degrees programs You or she should limit the search to health sciences schools, colleges and universities and look for bachelors of technology degree programs as well.

    I am biased. My closest friend and her husband ate both M.D.s who are full time faculty members of a health sciences university in New Orleans. They do offer bachelors of technology degree programs.

    Why isn't your daughter doing this research. You are doing your daughter no favors spoon feeding her the results of your research. She is NOT an improved carbon copy of YOU. You CANNOT relive YOUR life through her and correct YOUR mistakes . she has to make her own decisions and mistakes.

  • 1 year ago

    X-ray technician & sonographer are certifications available through some community colleges which offer such programs. It is not a bachelor's degree program. Perhaps your daughter prefers to get into a 2-year certification program, vocational/occupational training instead of an academic degree.

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    1 year ago

    There are very few bachelor's degree programs in sonography or medical imaging. Individuals with the associate's degree have high earning potential and plenty of job options, so there isn't a lot of demand for those programs.

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