I see Odsonne Edouard scored a typically classy goal for the French under 21's tonight. Who is the better player Moussa Dembele or Edouard?

Personally I find Edouard far more entertaining and the scary thing is he's improving all the time. Hopefully Celtic can keep him for another couple of seasons, its rare these days to see a player of his quality in Scottish football.


He's just scored another one, what a player.

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  • Wokaz
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    10 months ago
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    Both players have had brilliant starts to this season, and both are still pretty young and improving. Right now I think Dembele is still the more established player but within the next couple of years this can easily change. I personally don't really see Dembele being much of a prolific goalscorer outside of France, while Edouard certainly has the potential to be but I hope he doesn't follow Dembele back to Ligue 1 when he does eventually leave Celtic.

    • DanSix710 months agoReport

      Cant argue with that.

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