Air conditioner energy consumption in USA is more than total use of all UK energy in a yr.Should A/C & buildings be redesigned?Use less A/C?

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  • 10 months ago
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    When the temperature is above 30degrees celcius and humidity is high, air-conditioning is needed for comfort and needed in hospitals, ICU sections. Computers also need air-conditioned room for cooling in tropical climate of India, desert state of Rajasthan or in a desert climate like Dubai, Oman, Qatar, middle east.,etc In Dubai air-conditioning unit is needed 24 hours per day as the temperature can reach upto 45 degrees celcius or more. The house has to be thermally efficient irrespective of whether its cooling or heating. Gaps or leakage of energy has to be minimized.

    Worn out thermal insulation has to be replaced.

    Heat exchangers have to be cleaned and defouled periodically.

    Door of refrigerator should be closed as much as possible and not opened frequently. The worn out gaskets have to be replaced.

    A big room has to be partitioned, false ceiling will help, doors and windows have to be closed when AC is ON.

    Filter of AC has to be cleaned periodically.

    Use a gas geyser instead of electric geyser in bathroom and hot water for washbasin.

    Use natural gas for cooking food.

    Use landfill and biodegradable waste to make bio-methane which can be used for cooking and bathroom geyser.

    Use non-wrinkable clothes to minimize the need to iron the clothes.

    Do not use car or fuel based vehicle to travel for short distances like 1km or 2km-instead use bicycle or walk or jog like they do in Netherlands.

    Do not use 4-seater car if only 1 or 2 or even 3 person is going to travel in it. Use the 4-seater car only when 4 persons are going to travel in it.

    Cancel bus routes and air flights with poor passenger response.

    Public transport like trains or sea ships can be used to carry trucks loaded with goods and even passenger vehicles over long distances.

    Switch off the power devices when not in use or in empty rooms or after office hours.

    Avoid parking on narrow roads.

    Avoid two or multiple way traffic on narrow roads.

    Periodically repair and maintain the roads so that they remain pothole free.

    Minimize traffic jams.

    Remove the benefits given to people living at James Turner Street, Birmingham where they prefer to live on benefits instead of finding a job and keeping that job. Do not give more benefits to unemployed couple and unemployed parents having kids-do not encourage them to grow the population and put the burden on UK government and the employed tax payer.

  • 10 months ago

    Well apart from the obvious population differences 66 million to 327 million, there is the climate difference, aircon is one of the larger power drains for most homes. In the UK the climate is cool enough that most homes don’t actually have air con, this made the news recently during their heatwaves over summer.

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    10 months ago

    If a nation has a hot tropical region, then an A/C unit is useful year round. That's a lot of energy, if the A/C unit is only being used in the hot summer months then you're thinking maybe 3 times a year the machine will be in use during hot days.

    There's another machine that can be used in dry arid climates, which takes up less energy, it's an evaporative air cooler. You can fill this machine with icy cold water and turn it on and it will cool down a hot room, it's lighter than a portable A/C unit, but you will have to keep on filling the machine with icy cold water. This machine isn't very good where the humidex is high (over 50%). But the trick to get an evaporative air cooler to work in high humidity, is to have it in your work space with a door and window open, a fan in one part of the room and the evaporative air cooler facing in your direction while you're working. This will help your work space to cool down.

    In high humidity climates like Washington state or BC Canada where the humidity is high, just spend the extra money on a portable air conditioner.

    Yes it would be great if the buildings and apartment/condo buildings could could be built with an A/C for both tropical climates and climates with a hot summer, arid climates in my opinion should be built with evaporative air cooling systems.

    • stephen10 months agoReport

      A great answer - I read that an A/C in a single room is equal to 4 fridges. Not sure if some quasi-fridge solution is possible. I like your p.' about an evaporative air cooler.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    You actually have any numbers to back up your statement?

    Consider the population difference.

    Consider the difference in climates.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    it would be great for all building construction to be redesigned to use less hvac, and there's lots of ways to do it

    but this has been the case for decades, it never really happens even in most new construction. good luck getting that through any legislature.

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  • 10 months ago

    Considering that the entire population of the UK is about 66 million, what's your point? It's not like you are making an actual valid comparison.

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    • stephen10 months agoReport

      We could debate it David - I am no expert. US population is 5 times UK. It would depend on what % of a household's energy use in the US is A/C - in Beijing, China it can be 50%.

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  • Rick
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    10 months ago

    YOU got any ideas, I'm listening .............................

    • stephen10 months agoReport

      Rocky Mountain Institute has received 100 new A/C designs.

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