Was this a demon or a psychic joker?

I came across an intriguing story of the paranormal recently that was related by a third party.

Two fairly young people were in a room and were fooling around with a tape recorder. They happened to record themselves singing a christian hymn which mentioned Jesus. They didn't notice anything unusual during the recording but, upon playing it back, part way into their singing a harsh voice could be heard over their singing. Clearly referring to Jesus, it thundered, 'HE IS WEAK BUT I AM STRONG!'

The whole family was terrified and the third party happened to observe that the voice sounded 'old' - the implication being of course that it could be a demon. They were also puzzled as to how the voice had managed to get on to the recording, given it wasn't heard at the time.

My question to psi researchers is: how can we know if this was really a demon, rather than just some psychic joker, and what do psi researchers have to say about the mechanism behind this phenomena, since I have read of similar occurrences in relation to electronic voice phenomena?

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    1 year ago
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    It is possible to pick up EVP on an old type tape as well as a digital recorder. It is normally very weak and needs headphones and also often needs cleaning up electronically. The tape can pick up answers to questions that were not heard by the ears. I have never heard of something that can speak over the top of human voices. I don't know where you are but there are organisations that would be very interested in this if you can get the tape or a copy. I have read a lot but this is brand new to me. The last time I tried with a cassette tape, I got a woman's voice speaking in German on a fresh out the packet tape. She spoke for a few seconds or so and what she was saying sounded pretty urgent. I never did get around to getting it translated. As for a psychic, I have never heard of one putting a voice on tape with nothing but the mind.

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    Seeing as this anecdote was related to you by a third party the first question should be - how do you know that the incident happened exactly as described?

  • Pearl
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    1 year ago

    i would ask a pastor of a church about it

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