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Can I use the coaxial cable that is connected to my wifi router for my tv?

I have two coaxial cables in my house that I'd assume are connected to an antenna on my roof. One of them is red to connect to my wifi modem. If I plugged the other one into my tv, would I receive ota v channels? I'm not great with this technical stuff


Didn't notice all the typos,

*used not red

*tv not v

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    There is coaxial(copper wire) and coaxial(glass fiber) They are not the same. Also you do not have TV channels on a wifi router. If you paid for cable TV you would get a different coaxial. I got glass fiber so only for the computer router. It does not work on TV. What I can see on my monitor can be transferred over to the TV screen via(I don't remember what it is called but the slot is almost the same shape as a UBS stick slot and that gives you dual monitors. Note the brand and model of the computer you got and then go to a computer place and ask if you can make a dual monitor setup with your machine. It is a cable connection. They will know what it is called...and whether your machine has that type of connector

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  • 10 months ago

    I would say most likely. There is no harm in hooking it up to your tv to find out if you can get ota tv. Of course once you connect the cable to your tv you will have to go to setup and scan for available channels before is will display them.

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  • BigE
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    10 months ago

    FIrst, one coax is not the same as another. Old coax is RG58//RG59. Newer coax is RG6.

    It used to be the cable would serve normal air channels. I know that Comcast quit doing that to serve more digital channels, and a DTA (digital tv adapter) is required to get anything off raw cable.

    A DTA would need RG6 and splitters that are digital compliant (higher frequency).

    So if your company still broadcasts analog, it might work. If not, you will need a DTA, check the cables and the splitter for compliance.

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  • 10 months ago

    You should be able to as long as the plugs are correct. Coaxial cable is no different then the next coaxial cable

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