How can I tell if two of my friends are dating, without asking either of them or any other person?

1 Answer

  • 1 year ago

    Well there are some hints that could suggest they like each other, but not so much as dating. If they spend more time with each other than anyone else, if they touch each other frequently, there’s many hints. But frankly it doesn’t matter if they are dating. I’m guessing it’s either one of two scenarios, 1. You just like the gossip, and are curious or just ship the two of them together. Or 2. You are in the friendzone, and you are scared or freaking out. In which I really am sorry if this is the case, I’ve been down this road too, it doesn’t feel good. But either way it doesn’t matter if they are dating, it’s their life, yours is more important. Instead of constantly reading everyone else’s life, go out there and write your own story

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