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Could I survive in Europe?

I’m from the United States. I’m in a serious relationship with a girl from Lithuania. We talked of us moving to Europe. I have a Bachelor’s in Business. Could I survive in Europe? Not only am I concerned about finding a job, but I’m also concerned about standard of living... I need beaches, craft beer, American football, fun activities, etc. Don’t need the big house, fancy car, or big meals.

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    You don't 'need' any of those things; but all exist in Europe.

    If you want to move to join your girlfriend, you'll need to get married, and she'll need to be able to sponsor your visa for the country you're settling in. Do you speak any European language other than English?

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    You'll also need to know that US citizens pay income tax while abroad, even if you earn your money abroad. They will tax any pension payments, they will tax any capital gains, and they will force you to divulge any foreign bank accounts to TWO different authorities (the Treasury and the IRS don't talk with each other).

    You'll find that all these things combined with the difficulty of finding a company willing to fill out all the IRS junk will be no fun, no matter how much boinking you can do.

    From your explanation, you wouldn't be happy there. You're simply too American. That's not an insult. It's an observation that very few Americans can survive outside the country for any length of time. They're simply too unwilling to accept other customs.

    By the way - I've lived in Europe for over 35 years and I haven't seen a single game of American football on TV.

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    In addition to all of the great information provided above, understand this: Europe is NOT a country, and it is the country that issues the employment visa.

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    I actually know someone from the US who married a Lithuanian. It is not as hard to find a job in the ex-USSR countries as it is in Western Europe, or to live there legally. The person I know went as an English teacher. She's a good language learner, so she learned Lithuanian pretty quickly. She and her Lithuanian husband decided to live in the US because on a Lithuanian salary, they wouldn't be able to afford to travel to the US, but on a US salary, they could afford to travel to Lithuania sometimes. Lithuania is in the EU, so it IS European. She can go anywhere in the EU that she wants, but it will be harder for you to get work and a visa for western Europe. There are beaches along the Mediterranean, in countries near Lithuania, plenty of good beer, not much American footballl but it's carried on TV. Lithuania is a love country, by the way. Where does she live?

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    Well, first of all, are you fluent in Lithuanian? Or any other European language? Kind of hard to find a serious job if you don't speak the language. And Europeans, on the whole, are very well educated. You won't get a work visa unless you have some special skills to offer. Don't worry about the craft beer. They have beers in Europe that are the best in the world. They also have fun in Europe. More fun than most Americans have. And there are beaches. I'm afraid you'd have to do without the football except for watching it on TV.

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  • 6 months ago

    The problem for you will be finding a job, at least until you speak/read/write the local language proficiently. If you are really are serious about this then do a language immersion program of 90 days in Lithuania and live with your your gf while you do it. That will help you decide if you want to live in Lithuania AND want a future with your gf.

    This is an example, but two weeks is NOT enough.

    There is great beer in Europe.

    There are fun activities.

    Lithuania has beaches, though the weather is too cold for most of the year:

    I don't know about Lithuania, but sports bars in western Europe usually subscribe to a service that carries NFL games and sometimes college games. Ask your gf to find out.

    If no then you can stream games via the Internet:

    Finally, you cannot simply move to Europe. For you to legally stay you will have to marry your gf and apply for residency based on being married to a Lithuania citizen:

    DON'T violate any laws in the meantime. Especially do not overstay the 90 days (out of 180 days) you can be in the Schengen area as a visitor.

    Good luck!

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  • 6 months ago

    go forth it and then you will know

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